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Doofenshmirtz Quality Farmwork!

Doofenshmirtz Quality Farmwork!

Did anyone else laugh when this happened?

Did anyone else laugh when this happened?

Am I the only one who’s happy with just a Cerise Hood doll?

But I don’t want to have a burst blood vessel!


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m counting that as a Mar’i cameo. 


I was watching Teen Titans and they remind me for another group of superheros…

So where’s Baymax?


Just watch.


Guys why does everyone think that Cerise likes Daring? She may have a thing for “the leader of the pack” but Daring’s no leader. The only real leaders in the series are Apple and Raven, and Raven is the one who started the whole Rebels thing so she’s way more of a leader than Apple. Cerise has a crush on Raven, not Daring. When have they ever even been in the same scene in a webisode, let alone even spoken to each other? Come on guys, it’s obvious.